Airoha AV2026

  • Airoha AV2026
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Прямые поставки с фабрик ShenZhen. Данный чип используется в ресиверах ORTON/OPTICUM X90.

Single Chip Tuner for DVB-S/ABS-S Receiver
Product Overview
AV2026 is a highly integrated single chip for DVB-S/ABS-S Tuner receiver application. The input RF signal frequency ranges from 850MHz to 2300MHz. AV2026 implements zero-IF direct conversion architecture with embedded LNA, Mixer, VCO, crystal oscillator and LDO regulators to minimize the external BOM cost. There is no additional calibration procedure required in AV2026 during power-on procedures. A programmable baseband channel filter is also implemented to provide different channel bandwidths from 4MHz to 40MHz. A 27MHz reference clock with on-chip buffer is also provided for the baseband section clock source. A simple 2-wire interface allows easy control from the baseband controller.
Key Features
• Input RF Frequency: 850MHz to 2300MHz
• Single +3.3V Power Supply
• Embedded LNA, Mixer, VCO, crystal oscillator and LDO regulators
• Embedded DC offset Cancel Circuit
• No Calibration Required
• Programmable channel filter with bandwidth from 4MHz to 40MHz
• Embedded RF signal loop through path
• 2-wire serial control interface
• QFN4*4mm 28pin package
• ​DVB-S Setup Box

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